It was late morning on June 26, 2004, when I walked Tilly home from an Upper East Side boarding facility in New York City where she had been staying. She had been rescued months earlier by Earth Angels Canine Rescue and was looking for her forever home. Less than two minutes after we got home, she was on my bed, in my heart and had her forever home.
And my life would never be the same.

Over the years, my passion for promoting adoption and helping shelter animals grew stronger, and I did all I could to help other dogs and cats that needed homes, especially those most in need the pit bull, and all its glorious mixes. But I truly wanted to help all homeless pets.

I volunteered for rescue groups, walked dogs at local shelters and most important, Tilly and I would educate many people during our walks by promoting adopting from shelters and rescue groups. A bonus was that simultaneously, Tilly would help alleviate fears some had about a particular looking dog and show that pit bull mixes can be as sweet as any other dog (some might say sweeter).

One of the main reasons I started I Adopted My is for people to wear adoption with pride, by wearing these T-shirts and for the millions of you who have adopted and rescued pets, to have a forum to share stories, post pictures, and educate as much as we can.

Also, I ask everyone here, if you don't do so already, please help promote adoption as much as you can, particularly from the smaller rescue groups or shelters in your area.

In addition, for those looking to adopt, I will post many sites to help you find a future companion and will personally try to help match you up with a rescue or shelter that fits your needs, if I can.

There is NO reason to buy a pet. There are millions of dogs, cats and other animals living, and worse, every day, month and year in shelters throughout the United States.

I Adopted My Pet, say it loud and proud. And please share this site with anyone with a compassionate heart.

Mickey Kramer, April 2011



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