Looking to adopt a pet?

Adopting a pet can bring years of joy to your family, and that wonderful furry life that you save, but...


Consider the long commitment: Your pet will be with you anywhere from 10-20 years. Where will you be in 2 years? 5 years? Will you or your children be going away to college? If so, who will take care of your pet? Are you planning to have children? Children are a great addition to a home with pets and vice versa, not an excuse to be rid of either.

Consider your lifestyle: When you adopt a pet, especially a dog, you have to realize that your time is no longer yours and yours alone. You have to be home more to take them for walks, and spend time with them. The advantage- you get more exercise and want to be home more :)

Consider the costs: It will cost a few hundred of dollars a year to feed your pet, and over the course of your pet's life, there will most likely be thousands of dollars in Vet bills.

Be CERTAIN that pets are allowed in your building. Sadly, many buildings have certain pet restrictions, including weight, size, or breed.

If you and your family have thought about the long-term responsibility and costs, and are committed to the lifetime care of a pet, here are but some of the many adoption websites and Rescue groups:

Nationwide search:
Petfinder.com: the most comprehensive list of adoptable animals throughout the United States. You can search by breed, age, size, gender and zip code.

New York City area (very small sampling):
Animal Care & Control (nycacc.org, 212-788-4000) dogs, cats, rabbits, others
Rescuzilla (Rescuzilla.com) dogs
Earth Angels Canine Rescue (Earthangelsnyc.org, 917-648-7070) dogs
Animal Haven Adoption Center (animalhavenshelter.org, 212-274-8511) cats, dogs
BARC (Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition) (barcshelter.org, 718-486-7489) dogs, cats
Bobbi & the Strays (bobbiandthestrays.org, 718-326-6070) dogs, cats
City Critters (citycritters.org, 212-252-3183) cats
Kitty Kind (kittykind.org, 212-726-2652) cats
Social Tees Rescue (animalrescuenyc.org, 212-614-9653) dogs, cats, reptiles
Zani's Furry Friends (zanisfurryfriends.org) cats, dogs, rabbits
Please adopt from small local shelters or rescues in your city or town.
In addition, please donate to, and volunteer at small local shelters or rescues in your city or town.
Breed specific rescue groups (extremely small sampling): If your breed of choice is not listed here, simply search on the internet as there are rescue groups for all breeds.
Beagle: Safe Hounds Beagle Rescue, safehounds.com, 973-729-8431
Bichon Frise: Small Paws Rescue, smallpawsrescue.org, 918-638-5854
Boxer: Boxer Angels Rescue, boxerangelsrescue.com, 877-598-7751
French Bulldog: Frenchbulldogrescue.org
Golden Retriever: Shore Hearts Golden Retriever Rescue, 732-286-2490, shorehearts.org
Jack Russell Terrier: Jack Russell Terrier Rescue, http://www.russellrefuge.org/
Pitbull/mix: Pitbull Rescue Central, pbrc.net
Pug: Curly Tail Rescue, curlytailpugrescue.org
Schnauzer: New Jersey Schnauzer Rescue Network, 732-920-8242, njsrn.org
Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie): Yorkie Rescue, 610-670-2183, saveayorkierescue.org
Siamese (cat): nycsiamese.org
Other Sources:
Pets for Life NYC: 917-468-2938. The Pets for Life NYC program offers many ways to help people keep their pets at home and out of the shelter system:
• low cost vet care, if eligible
• free and low cost dog trainers and cat behaviorists
• Foster homes and low cost boarding for pets of people in crisis
• Pet-related landlord/tenant dispute assistance
• links to pet friendly apartments
• pet food donations and supplies for those in great need
• allergy and shedding solutions
• free and low cost spay and neuter options

If you are having ANY trouble keeping your pet safe, happy, and healthy, call the Pets for Life hotline. I can vouch for this incredible group, most of whom are volunteers, as I am one. To volunteer or to foster a pet, call the Hotline.

Rational Animal (rational-animal.org) : A terrific resource. Ask for their Trails to Tails map, which, among other things, lists all the rescue groups in New York City, and many breed-specific rescue groups located in the Northeast, along with all the dog parks in New York City.

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